WeKillYouAll Edit

Where to begin... It was a hot summer day August 20th, 1983 when the world caught a glimpse into it's end. WeKillYouAll was born. A cybernetic humanoid far more genetically superior than the most genetically superior cybernetic humanoids of his kind. Life was hard for WKYA... he had no belly button so fitting in was tough. He had to crack a lot of skulls to earn respect in this world. Often times he can be a peaceful person but when pushed his genetic superiority can't contain itself.

Fast forward - Present day - Still just blending in until his purpose is revealed... He works as a graphic designer in NYC. With his free-time at work he spends most of it on the popular message board of MFG( Known for his infinite knowledge of movies and cartoons, WeKillYouAll can quote and spot a quote from just about anything in pop culture. Contributes art, sigs, t-designs, witty banter, funny videos and provides helpful info on DBZ-Berserk-GTO-Initial D-Xbox360-Skateboarding-Snowboarding-Baseball-Working Out-Movies-Art-Heavy Metal-Sex-All LIfe Situations. This vat of useful information is here at your disposal so use it wisely before he decides to... KILL YOU ALL.