Real Name Aaron
Nickname Vivasaur
Age 16
Gender Male
Location In my room contemplating life and existence.
Likes Graphics, manga, and writing.
Friends Amerowolf, Android #17, Beautiful Illusion, Chibi Mystic Gohan, dino, Duo, Eliwood21, Gosan, HerrGeiger, Island of 1,000 Condiments, Joot, Kei, Lazlo, Machiavelli, Masked_Felix, Nikushimi, Punxx, Pyro Bastard, Raitro, Ranny, Saiyajinn Perfection, Superior, The Electron Zone, WeKillYouAll, and, Xandor Tik'Roth.

Currently moderator of the RPG forum, member of four member groups: MFG Wikia Help Club, MFG United, #MFG, and RedxBlue Link. Vivi is active in the Art, Writing, Gas Chamber, and RPG Section.


Originally joined MFG forums on July 1st 2004 as ss4oldmanjenkins. Vivi joined MFG because of an attraction to dragonball, originally he discovered the main site from searches related to Dragonball AF. Although there was a rough start for this member, eventually things got better. Mainly Vivi contributed to the Fan Fiction section as well as the Graphics section early in his stay at MFG.

Later on Vivi created a Star Wars RPG previous to the organized MFG RPG, with moderate success it lasted for a few months before ending. After the MFG RPG was created, Vivi joined as Tritji, a power-hungry Saiyajinn. Eventually Tritji went on to become the most powerful character in that particular Era.

During the summer of 2007, Vivi was assigned a position as RPG Team of MFG. Although this particular episode of being a mod was short lived due to the pressures of life. In the summer of 2008 Vivi once again became a member of the RPG Team.

  • Nicknames
    • Vivasaur


  • Fan Fictions
    • MFG The Quick Witted Assassin (September 29th 2004)
    • Origin Of The Sith (October 24th 2004)
    • Obsolete Mahem (November 4th 2004)
    • Blood From The Sword (August 3rd 2005)
    • Dragonball: World Saga (August 4th 2005)
    • Polyphobia (July 5th 2007)
  • Short Works
    • Dull, Grey Blob (August 9th 2005)
    • Emotion: Life and Reality (February 2nd 2006)
    • Black Tides (June 20th 2006)
    • A Disturbing Anthology (August 23rd 2007)
  • Poetry
    • Darkness? (November 8th 2005)

RPG Characters

  • Tritji
    • A saiyajinn who ended up being the most powerful RPG character of his time.
  • Aatra
    • Stolen and raised by Tritji, this half-saiyajinn was twisted and dark.
  • Patron
    • A mysterious fellow who has existed since the beginning of the universe. Nothing much is known about him.
  • Insanus
    • An insane creature who thrives on sadism. Currently the strongest RPG Character.

Wikia Administrator

During The Electron Zone's minor leave, Vivi took care of the MFG Wikia. During this timespan, The Electron Zone promoted him to the site's Administrator. Vivi has been working really hard around the site and has improved the design and all.