The Gas ChamberEdit

The Gas Chamber is the most strange and perverted section on the MFG forums. It is the home of generally useless spam threads, hate topics, rep wars and other asshattery. Many users inhabit the Gas Chamber and many find the less strict atmosphere perfect to show their inner selves and let themselves run wild as a result.

The SynopsisEdit

"Enter at your own risk ... let off some steam and vent some of that e-anger. Keep the flames low and lay off the noobs. If you're going to be easily offended then don't come to this forum cause someone will probably hurt your fragile feelings. Since spam is moderately tolerated your post count won't increase. READ THE RULES FIRST and don't whine because you've been warned."

Who lives there?Edit

A myriad of people live at the gas chamber for the most part, making useless, pointless posts. One of those people is some random n00b called Cait. Known for having b00bs, being insane, and pretty much nothing else.