Schoolgirl in Concrete
Waita Uziga

Schoolgirl in Concrete (Manga)Edit

Based off a true story, Unnamed Highschool girl is excited to go home and watch her favorite TV show after some hardcore studying. However she meets a group of punks who offer to give her a ride. No excepting the decide to kidnap her and take her to thier place. After she is there the commence on raping, beating, burning, cutting, humiliating, and sticking things where they need not be. This goes on for months to the point where she is completely irrecogonizable and begging them to kill her. Monthes later her corpse turns up in a burried barrel filled with concrete.

Note: Sick, Twisted, and down right depressing. Really is based on a true murder too. After writing that I think I'm done for now, I got a bunch more manga just as sick as that one, but....Schoolgirl in Concrete just freaked the shit out of me.