Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)
Sakae Esuno
Kadokawa Shoten, serialized in Monthly Shōnen Ace (Japan)

Mirai Nikki (Manga) Edit

Yukiteru Amano is considered a loner at school, one who only records the events around him into his cell phone like a diary. His only friend is Deus Ex Machina, the supposedly imaginary "God of Time and Space."

One day, Deus, planning "an interesting game," entrusts Yukiteru with knowledge of the future with the aptly named [Future Diary], in the form of his cell phone. He soon discovers that Deus Ex Machina isn't really a figment of his imagination when his [No Difference Diary] actually begins predicting the events around him.

He then meets another [Future Diary] holder in the form of Yuno Gasai, a classmate who is hopelessly obsessed with her "Yukki." Her diary, the [Yukiteru Diary], is based solely around his future due to her obsession with Yukiteru.

She informs him that they are a part of a game created by Deus between 12 [Future Diary] holders, who must all use their diaries to locate each other and destroy their opponents' diaries, resulting in the death of the owner. The last [Future Diary] holder will replace Deus as the God of Time and Space. And it just so happens that a local serial killer is the holder of one such diary, and he is hot on their trail. And the latest entry into his [Future Diary]? "Chased by the serial killer and was killed. DEAD END."

The only way to escape a [DEAD END] is to change the future...