Introduction Edit

Mark Acosta was, and still is, a legend. His presence filled us all with a sense of enigma. One that can never be replaced. Mark brought, with him, a whole brand of lulz. His naive nature was overflowing with win, as well as his determination to be an awesome, funny and creative friend.

Starting out in the DBZ section. Mark's life on MFG would begin as a spammer making absurd assumptions, saying that Chi Chi would beat SSJ Goten if she was on her cycle, or that Broly's power is maximum, or even that random AF characters could 'warp reality' and beat Vegeto. This, alone, was enough to send the guy neg repped into the red, but there was something else. Mark wanted to be everyone’s friend, and often spammed threads requesting to be someone’s moderately good friend, or prosperous friend, depending on how much Mark liked you. Mark was rumoured to be an awesome, friendly, and creative person, with an occupation of a cool dude. For no reason, he disappeared.

Later, he emerges once more, and continues his pursuit of awesome, fun and creative friendships... eventually leaking into the Gas Chamber, all hell broke loose when he wanted to become friends to the resident members of the Gas Chamber.


Real Identity Edit

Mark, in the end, turned out to be a former user. This user was Nyqua, a drunken asshole who was known for three things.

1) Labeling people as raging homosexuals

2) Asking who the fuck people were, even Kamina.

3) Posting ASCII art.

Nyqua would spam and troll posts with this content, over several threads, and was eventually banned. Mark unfortunately let slip of his real identity eventually, and was hit by the banhammer

Alternative Personalities

Mark did not exist only as Nyqua. His presence took the form of a jellybean called jellybean. An ignorant, pathetic, noob of a troll who's false personality of a dumbass Broly fan left us all laughing. His profile evolved into a shrine of flames and abuse which several members constantly threw upon the fool. His previous incarnation, ImmortalBroly, would be hit by the banhammer, while his jellybean form lived on. During an outburst, revealing his Nyqua identity, he let slip that he had 4 accounts that he was taunting us with... and that we never knew what they were. These, were Mark Acosta'—s last words.

Mark Acosta's spirit is rumored to still exist in the user Gyromanx55. This account is currently inactive and dormant. But one day, it will rise... and Mark, will return!


Mark for President, the speech Edit

"Hi everyoone, I'm your president Mark Acosta. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I hope we will all be goood freinds. I'm fun, creative and awesome!!!! We can play presidential monopoly. It goes like this: You give me money and I become very rich, and I swim in money, while you swim in shit.