Majuub began his MFG life as Majuub666 sometime in 2007 and, as with most who either have a name change to act like some ***** by taking out the numbers out their names, took them off when he was modded from lack of substance for apparently no reason at all other than to brew up some serious lulz. Since then he's really been a "who were you again"-type of member who exists for no reason at all other than to promote Numeros activity. He, as with most frequent visitiors, has posted several threads about him leaving (Kenshi, Kaaru, Encore, and countless incarnations of theirs would be most guilty of this, especially Halcyon. *laugh*), but came back again and again, much to the frustration of countless. His Bleach-loving clone, Ultimate_Gohan (who too had a name change), currently more or less acts as vice-leader of their Numeros clan, only he too has a wee little inferiority complex deep inside to the superior #s group which need not go mentioned, but I'll still give it a shot: TOGETHER WE REMAIN UNITED, #MFG!1!!11.