Clan Name MFG XIII
Other Names Organization XIII
Start Date June 2008
Leader Kei
Enemies Nikushimi and his Followers
Members Kei, Fury, Xandor Tik'Roth, Island , Teecee, Eragon, Blackmasta, RandomPenguin, Gosan, Engal, The Electron Zone, Shade, Gazooya


The clan Began late in June 2008 here are the creators words about it's beginning.

Kei says: I'm just going to darken everyone except for whoever corresponds to the number of the person I'm giving it to.

Kei says: Like Xemnas would be the only one not blacked out for me.

It is said that this Clan came about has a opposing front against Nikushimi and his followers in the Rep war.


Many People believe this clan was made mainly so Kei could impress the new female member JuJu who he was trying to woo with his Rep and Gas Chamber mastery. Others think that the Members of the clan's personalities fit their Kingdom Hearts alter egos.


each member is assigned a number and a signature that corresponds to their character here is a list of Members ranging from number 1 to number 13.

  1. Xemnas - Kei
  2. Xigbar - Fury
  3. Xaldin - Xandor Tik'Roth
  4. Vexen - Island of 1000 Condiments
  5. Lexaeus - Teecee
  6. Zexion - Eragon
  7. Saïx - Blackmasta
  8. Axel - RandomPenguin
  9. Demyx - Gosan
 10. Luxord - Engel
 11. Marluxia - The Electron Zone
 12. Larxene - Shade
 13. Roxas - Gazooya
 14. Xzibit - Crayne 

The Members are known to mostly be respectable MFG Forum members with a few exceptions most are active and have a pretty high rep power.


Majuub descended from above and united the foes under one name: The MFG Rep Mafia. Now, Kei and Niku work on the same team, but keep a watchful eye on eachother, aiming for the Rep Top. MFGXIII is currently nothing more but a group of unmotivated lackies.


On MFG, no one really cares about this group unless that person is a fellow Kingdom Hearts fag, in which case, they're probably already in the group.


"If you're in this organization, you're probably a faggot." - Shirogetsu