MFG (IRC) or #MFG as it is called is the original MFG clan, predecessor to the Numeros and MFG United. It was created in response to the MFG IRC channel becoming unaffiliated with the website and forum, this was due to our constant abuse of forum rules within it. (I.e. Porn, warez, making fun of members, disrespect to the staff). We were made famous by our matching avatars, which consisted of a number system, and our well organized teamwork.

Organized a rather large mass leaving after one of it's members was banned for what they thought was an unjust reason.

It is led by Ex-MFG Admin Dino.

Members - Kei, Masked_Felix, HerrGeiger, Amerowolf, Inuyasha16, Ranny, Blackmasta, Shirogetsu, StarPlatinum,RandomPenguin