Kaze no Stigma
Takahiro Yamato(story) and Neko Miyakai
Dragon Age
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Junichi Sakata and animated by Gonzo
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Kaze no StigmaEdit

Since the founder of the Kannagi clan made a contract with the Flame Spirit King, every Kannagi family member has been able to wield flame as their weapon. However, there is an exception. Showing no signs of talent and after losing to his cousin Ayano over a matter of who is to become the next successor of the Kannagi clan and have the right to carry the sacred sword Enraiha, Kazuma is banished from the Kannagi Clan. Now 4 years later, he returns to Japan as a master of the wind under a new name, Yagami. Moments after his return, members of the Kannagi clan show up dead and a wind user is responsible. The rest of the clan suspects Kazuma. Several members of the clan and Ayano, now the next heir to her family wielding the sacred Enraiha sword, force an encounter. Although claiming to be innocent, Kazuma is in an all out war that is about to begin.