Fuck, I wish I had Shikai!

Jonny AmericaEdit

Jonny spends some of his time battling cancer (with his fists) as well as sharing good times with his friends, and playing guitar, leaving the remainder of his time to force-feed truth into the mouths of his fellow MFGers.
Lets face it, on MFG we have our Kei's and our Nikushimi's, who generally make conflict at the enjoyment of others; they bring the audience, but Jonny puts the asses in the seats with his special brand of Communist hate and love of all things Capitalist and unfair. People come to the party, but they stay for the Jonny.



The good ol' days

Jonny is infamous for his relations to pot and how often he discusses his feelings and experiences with them. Marijuana is a very important part of Jonny's life, because in the past, it would make him happy, but today, it makes him hungry.


Jonny is the sexiest piece of the Numeros of MFG. He's the face, the smile...the tits if you will. With out Jonny on the team, production would decrease roughly 120%, because with out tits, shit don't run. Jonny and Majuub, team cohorts, often spend their time throwing firecrackers at babies' feet while discussing the current conflicts of life and society. Jonny commmorates all of his fellow Numeros and continues to serve proudly today.