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In England, the Hellsing organization has always operated behind the scenes to eliminate vampires and their servants, Ghouls, before they could cause public distress. Alucard, Hellsing's trump card, is a vampire himself, and is one of, if not the most powerful and oldest vampires of all. On a mission to apprehend a priest (who is actually a vampire) behind many disappearances, policewoman Seras Victoria is caught and used as a human shield against Alucard, who arrives and destroys the priest's Ghouls with ease. He tells Seras that he is going to shoot her through the lung to hit the Vampire's heart, and gives her a choice: Either remain human and die with the vampire, or live by becoming a vampire herself. She chooses the latter and joins Alucard and Hellsing in their war against the growing population of artificial vampires created by the 'Millenium' organization. Note: Nice and Bloody

Ranny and Amerowolf apparently have quite an obssession over this series.