Gakuen Mokushiroku - Highschool of the Dead
Daisuke Sato
Shouji Sato
Gekkan Dragon Age

Gakuen Mokushiroku - Highschool of the Dead (Manga)Edit

Suddenly, out of nowhere, zombies. A worldwide disease spreads among people, and quickly. People get bitten and turned into zombies. So to speak, all hell is loose. At a certain highschool, Rei Miyamoto is saved from being bitten by Hisashi Igou and Takashi Komuro. Making a run for it, both Takashi and Hisashi state the obvious - it is as if a horror movie or a horror game has been turned to reality. They watch as smoke from the fires all over the city covers the sky, and the world as they know has started to crumble. Those not zombified are panicking, running around the hallways to escape the zombies. And now they start their own survival.