Eden - It's an endless world
Hiroki Endo
Dark Horse Comics (US)

Eden - It's an endless world (Manga)Edit

The near future: a strange disease killed 15% of world's population.The series begins with two children, Ennoia Ballard and Hanna Mayor, survivors of the pandemie who live on a peacefull island called "Eden". Time-Skip, the story now concentrates on Eliah (14), the son of Hanna and Ennoia, who is on the run from an organisation called "Propatria" which kidnapped his younger sister and his mother. He meets some mercenaries and is forced to join them, as they too try to escape from Propatria. Within a couple of years, one can see the inevitable change of Eliah from an innocent boy to a professional killer.

Note: This manga contains explicit violence, rape and other stuff children shouldn't see.