The BeardEdit

Duo (otherwise known as "that fat, flitzy little 22-year old hairy-ass virgin hick who curses his ass out on MSN to fume from his daily shit in life because he can't score pussy and lives in with his grandmother) began his run on the forums as a retarded, suburban white-trash DragonBallZ dub moron in 2004 and has only grown worse and worse since, adopting a high-and-mighty attitude based around the delusion that because he's discovered the manga fully nine years after it finished (before which there were Toei and readers whom he likes to insult and look down on, ramble on, and post shit), he's some hot shit, and about the only redeeming quality about him would likely be the fact that he's one fo the few members here who actually have a beard worthy of reckoning. However, oh gawd the rambling DBZ discussions an immature 8-year old would conjure, the attitude, and his preference to which he clings to like someone fully a third his current age, make us want to want to stab him, rip off his fingernails, gouge his eyes out with a spoon, peel his skin off and have his tendons cut out and cut up, and finally dip him in salt before castration for his antsy ass. Lol.


It'll take some years to cut all that neanderthal hair. Disturbing!

In addition to that, Duo is an EPIC failure of a member (self-deluded moron would be a better choice) and was a bit of a hardass when he got admin'd from spamming the PL and FF areas with DBZ chapter "520" nonsense before he found his "epik pashun" in like 2007, fully four years after the unbelievable trash of the series known as Dickdeath Notrutu began and became a tumor and an anus headache to all that is the mango fanbase above the age of nine. He has an epic beard and an blind faith in 'Teh God' to try and cling to like some passionate, piffling poppycock. Truthful statements are truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuthful.

The kind of shit Phil takes his e-anger out on from never bein' modded over at his favorite board, DaiZEX, aka the Chiibi-obsessing-over-kenshiposting forum. Scarring!

I, Ranneh Balderdash bald-wannabe (only because Chibi told me Kuroi liked "bald bitches") Michiganian Duopierce sympathizer, <3 <3 me sum Kuhria Kenshi btw (so ignore all the raging posts I'll make trying to refute this, lawl, you bet your wittle waaassssss I dun't mean no word of it), and I devote hour after hour to fantasizing about how hard he'd fondle my implant jugs (inside of which I snuck three pairs of sneakers, srsly). Too bad he doesn't like to touch up twaddling little twits who sound like they're twelve. Yooo~

Lol, bad Kenshi.