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Manga Author(s)
Kazou Umezu
Shogakukan (Japan), Viz (USA)

Drifting Classroom (Manga)Edit

Following the occurrence of a strange earthquake, an elementary school mysteriously disappears, in which only a giant hole where the school once stood, remains. While the police and worried parents think that everybody in the school was somehow killed, the students and staff find themselves and their school in the middle of a barren wasteland. As chaos and panic begins to engulf the school and its inhabitants, sixth-grader Sho Takamatsu and his friends attempt to find out just what happened to them, while trying to stay alive.

The troll Kenshi, while definitely not as much as he lauds Seinen, put the shounen series in his favorites list to the surprise of many, though when you consider the fact that he liked Sanctuary at one point, it doesn't come off as much of an accomplishment.