Death Note


Testuya Nomura
Shueisha (Japan), Viz (English)
1-12 ; Complete w/ How to Read 13, which Shiro and CMG, aka the REAL DNfags, bought in both haha

Death Note (デスノート, Desu Nōto) is a manga and anime written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Tetsuya Nomura. The manga spans 12 volumes and 108 chapters, and the anime had 37 episodes. The series was licenced for North American distribution by VIZ media, now known as License Note.


The series begins with a teenage school student, a prodigy to be exact, Yagami Light, finding a notebook that bears the title Death Note. He discovers that the notebook is the property of a shinigami (death god), and upon reading the instructions placed on the first page, learns that who ever's name is written in the book will die. Adopting the alias, "Kira," Light proceeds to use it to execute many infamous criminals all over the globe, cleansing the world from evil. However, this naturally draws the attention of the police, and subsequently, a special detective known simply as "L" decides to join the investigation. As written in the Death Note's instructions, Light cannot kill L unless he knows both L's real name and his appearance. In turn, L aims to execute "Kira" as punishment for his actions. Thus, a brutal battle of wits begins between the two geniuses, as they race to discover the other's identity.

Page from Death Note's final chapter.

Death Note as the deepest thing in the worldEdit

It is often agreed in the MFG community that not only is Death Note considered to be deep and emotional, but it is the deepest manga series in the world. Chibi Mystic Gohan is known for being a big fan of the series along with his other favorite series Dragon Ball, HunterXHunter, and Mirai Nikki. "Too bad" those are about the only fucking series that the faggot reads besides "shallow Seinen manga like Gantz," y/n?

Raitro's Raving Review!Edit

"Quite frankly, one of the best and most solid plots I've ever read. The manga itself is purely ingenius, a long shot away from your average action-packed manga. Violence and death, while present, are not graphical, so this manga is suitable for even those that do not enjoy gory scenes. The manga is focused around fact and evidence analysis, and how Raito (Bay's note: I believe he's referring to Light, here) and his adversaries manipulate other characters to achieve their ends. Quite an original storyline--must-read for those who enjoy detective stories with a supernatural touch."

On MFGEdit


Average MFG user whose favorite series is Death Note.

The series has become quite controversial on MFG. Shirogetsu has often mentioned his incomprehensible dislike for the series as Kenshi has also, whilst many others thoroughly enjoy Death Note: most notably, Chibi Mystic Gohan, who created the reasonably popular parody "Dick Note," a bad MSPaint'd piece of unadulterated crap that fucking takes him a year for, or as he prefers to call it, "9000 HOURS ON MSPAINT, SERIOUSLY! AND HE WAS EXCITED FOR DRAGONBALL ONLINE, HE'S LIKE, DUDE, I'M KOREAN, I SPEAK LIKE 100000 DIFFERENT-"

Yeah, that's an average Draeath Nut alright. >_>