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over 9,000 days
Favorite Anime/Manga
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, YuYu Hakusho
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DarthVenom9808 is a member of the MFG forums. He has become known for his series of power level videos on Youtube.

Arrival at MFG

DarthVenom9808, along with Madness, was one of the last members to join MFG in 2007.

Youtube Power Level Videos

DarthVenom9808 has achieved semi-fame on Youtube amongst the Dragon Ball community through a series of edited Dragon Ball / Z / GT videos showing viewers the various power levels of characters. He has also provided YouTube with videos that put a silence on archaic rumors such as Freeza being 12,000,000 and Kid Buu being stronger than Super Buu. DarthVenom9808 has also created a second power level series known as the "Ultimate Power Levels". It was recently replaced with a new series code named "Ultra Power Levels".

The planetary destruction equation

DarthVenom9808 has deduced an equation to determine how strong particular Dragon Ball characters are required to be in order to destroy a planet with a single, well aimed blast.

Earth's mass = 1

Mass X 10,000 = required battle power. So basically, a power level of 10,000 is required to obliterate the Earth in a similar fashion as Vegeta attempted to do. This fits in with Vegeta's stated battle strength of 18,000.

Other planetary objects:

0.055 X 10,000: Mercury- power level of 550

0.815 X 10,000: Venus- power level of 8,150

0.0123 X 10,000: Moon- power level of 123 (coincides perfectly with Roshi and Piccolo destroying the moon)*

0.107 X 10,000: Mars- power level of 1,070

317.83 X 10,000: Jupiter- power level of 3,178,300

332837 X 10,000 Sun- power level of 3,328,370,000

  • even if Roshi's standard power level was <123 at this point, don't forget that Roshi powered up (buff), and took the time to charge the kamehameha. the Kamehameha's power would have been well above 123 when Roshi fired it.

The mass of the Milky Way is estimated to be 600 billion times the mass of the sun, which would mean that a power level of 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 would be required to destroy the galaxy.

Work on MFG's YouTube

DarthVenom9808 became part of the MFG YouTube team originally starting off by submitting a video entitled "24,000" and ironically is the most viewed video on there page with over 24,000 views. He has produced a fan dub of the first DragonBall Z episode and many more videos which he contributed were great successes.