One of the few MFG members to actually possess an Intelligence Quotient equivalent to a drugged-up rabbit with half its brain dipped in lava, Dark Skywalker is rumored to have around one twelfth the IQ of the highest-scoring white alive, placing him at below 20 points total.

General InformationEdit

Dark Skywalker is an asshat who joined MFG from NarutoFan. He is known for his 2 or 3-worded posts and his immense contribution to the forum. He is also known for his typical comebacks, similar to those of a 7-year-old; usually consisting of "your mom", "get a life" or "you nood ill pwn u". For some reason beyond all logic, he deems them the most fresh pieces of hot shit ever comebacked in the history of internet troll-ism. Severely getting "butthurt" by anything directed at him and asking for suggestions about how to improve, he is not really following any of them. His real age is also a big mystery since he changed it each day on his profile. The changes varied from 9 years old to 21 years old.

Dark Skywalker
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Nickname DS, Donkey Shit, Drippin' Soup, Dumb Stooge etc.
Join Date 2008
Age 9
Gender Spam robot
Location NY
Post Count 1,503
Rep Points lol, b&
Likes Star Wars
Dislikes Anyone who disagrees with him.
Friends JC#1, Lord_Sloth, Super Fool

Genius QuotesEdit

u are a noob

dude no just no

u guy's are jersks


i try

you nood ill pwn you

i like pie

Banned accountsEdit

Although he does not rival Kenshi in this field (as Punxx personally administers the bans on that particular person, who despite of his massive ego or tendency to insult and abolish anything that comes beneath his feet, has at least 17 times the brain activity that DS would ever have in nine lifetimes), he has more than a couple of banned accounts.

Dark Skywalker


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