What is Chuckles and where is he found?: Edit

Chuckles is a known natural phenomena, joined MFG on March 27, 2007 that generates himself when someone laughs or in other words "lol's". He himself is not the funniest thing alive but is generated from it and created of it. When he wants, he can unleash the chuckles as something "lolz worthy" as it is called on most places. He has many freinds on MFG and partakes in many social groups for which he now has conections all over MFG.

However MFG is not the only place this strange occurance is found. He has been sited on many different places. Theseplaces will not be mentioned, but they exist and Chuckles is there. So on that note, Chuckles likes to go underground and hide is identity with weird names. His most common is "Raddichio" so be ready for him. Another thing to keep in mind, is the text he uses which is usually red or a bit darker

More about Chuckles: Edit

Chuckles has come to more of the better things in life as playing video games. He loves to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. With it he pwns as his favorite character Captain Falcon who is the pinicle of pwnage himself. Chuckles has come to use Captain Falcon references all over. His has him in his avatar, and in his sig. He even has an attack know as his Universe Falcon Nega-Rep Punch in which he destroys an opponents reputation, However; He is generally a laid back member, unless he must destroy people with his Blue Falcon.

Chuckles is a member of MFG United and others. He is an active member of the RPG as Daiki "The Great Radiance"