I killed Chibi Shistic Butthan. A terrible user, his boundless mental handicap was spreading to all corners of the forum. When he reached the peninsula where the only remaining posters with any semblance of profundity lived, he demanded our immediate surrender. I warned him that we would not sit passively as he took our home in the name of retardation, but he did not back down.

That day, we set fire on the paper horse made of the 150 shrinkwrapped copies of Death Note he had collected and had the letters F A G G O T emblazoned over his decade-year old 7th grade Japanese textbook, which he still struggled with. Next, Nikushimi whipped out his hypnotic TTGL sunglasses and used their power to sprawl the sentence "Bitch, fuck you, fuck the hole you crawled out of, fuck your chode, fuck your gay-ass, very faggot accent, SPEAK JAPANESE!" on this dipshit's myopic scope of vision for life. Horrified by the revelation, he lunged out in frustration and materialized his thick, annoying Tenessee accent into a scythe shaped like Ryuk's pen in fury, only for the ground below him to collapse after it facepalmed itself into crumbling apart, and he fell to his doom.

In our victory, we created the United Republic of Polyglots, a society where those few with unquestionably stellar taste in fiction and linguistic expertise could live and thrive in peace and harmony. Naming the great battlesite of our triumph GTFO OHBATA, SPEAK ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER City, we accomplished many remarkable things in our lives, but sadly this faggot my surface again.

In that event, just like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the ultimate wit will be reborn anew.