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Manga Author(s)
Kaori Yuki
Hakusensha (Japan)

Boys Next Door (Manga)Edit

Adrian seems like a normal and caring school teacher. Except he was born from his mother being raped by someone pretending to be a ringleader at a carnival. His mother attempted to leave him behind at the carnival once more since she could not bear to be with him. He found his way back in time to witness her being stabbed by one of her lovers, since she sold her body in order to make enough money. She was still alive, and she tried bribing her son to save her, but he didn't want to be left behind again so he stabbed her till she was dead. He stayed by her side for three days, covering up her eyes and the eyes in the portraits around him. This has led Adrian to discover the impulse of his nighttime crimes of killing young male prostitutes, from his disgust in how they sell their body like its nothing. One night his crime was witnessed by a prostitute named Lawrence. Lawrence wants Adrian to rescue him from the hell he was put into, so he takes a collar meant for Adrians pet iguana and bribes him to rescue him from his brother's claws. Suddenly, they both create a purpose for each other, Adrian discovers that even though they sell their body, they are beautiful on the inside, and Lawrence teached Adrian of the beauty in others and also Adrian helps Lawrence see that he can be loved, no matter how many people have treated him like trash. Lawrence ends up being captured by his brother and beaten in order to seperate Lawrence from Adrian. Adrian finds Lawrence, and Lawrence pulls out a gun to shot Adrian with, though it turns out that the gun is empty. Adrian doesn't know this fact, so he stabs Lawrence, and overcome with sorrow, allows himself to be captures. The judge decides him guilty, but considering his troubled past, to serve time in a mental hospital. It goes to Adrian sitting on the roof when he sees Lawrence with a red balloon balancing on the rooftop, where Adrian jumps to reach him, and they stay together afterwards.