Kazushi Higewara
Shueisha (Japan)
Viz Media (US)

Bastard!! (OVA & Manga)Edit

Modern civilization and the world was destroyed by the God of Destruction, Anthrasax, in 7 days, and then is sealed. Hundreds of years later, the sorcerer Dark Schneider leads a group in an attempt to control the world. Dark Schneider, in the end, is sealed in the body of a young baby, Rushe Ren Ren. 15 years later, his group, minus Schneider, attempts the same mission by unsealing Anthrasax so they can redo the world. To save the kingdom of Meta-Rikana, a girl named Yoko releases Dark Schneider from her friend Rushe. Now, Dark Schneider fights his former comrades to protect Yoko and have some destructive fun.

One of the Greatest shows ever with multiple References to Metal bands and inside jokes spread throughout it. Saddly the series was cut off earlie at the climax of the show after Dark Schneider regain his comrades from fierce battles.

There is also a Rumor there was a game in the making.