Aim For The Top!
Hideaki Anno

Aim For The Top! Gunbuster (Anime)Edit

Aim for the Top! is set in 2023 where technology has advanced and creatures known as Uchuu Kaijuu [Space Monsters] have entered the galaxy. The story focuses on the character Noriko Takaya whose father was killed at the start of the series by the Uchuu Kaijuu. The series starts with her at a training school in Okinawa with her friend, Kimiko, at first she lacks confidence in her skills as a pilot and is often singled out by the other students of the school, but she does not lose hope as she looks up to the most talented and beautiful student of the school, Kazumi Amano who gives Noriko the confidence booster she needs. When a new Coach arrives on the scene by the name of Kochiro Ohta he focuses mainly on Noriko as he acknowledges her potential to fight in the war against the Uchuu Kaijuu.

Her class mates continue to harass her because of the Coach's determination to train her and she just wants to end it all and quit, but after the Coach shows her Kazumi's training and own determination she has a change of heart from seeing Kazumi and how she puts in the effort to be known as the best in the school. After training in the RX-7 and generally becoming a much better pilot the two Japanese representatives to fight in the war are decided, both Noriko and Kazumi are chosen.

Jealousy rears its ugly head as the second best RX-7 pilot calls out Noriko to duel in their RX-7 machines as she believes she should have been the second candidate along with Kazumi. Noriko accepts and the duel goes underway, now everyone is watching and Noriko's skills are put to the test, at first it seems she cannot win this fight and it's one sided due to her not being able to concentrate on both the controls and monitor at the same time she switches the monitor off and concentrates on her opponent. Just as her opponent is about to deliver the final blow Noriko turns the tables and uses an Inazuma Kick utterly defeating the second best student and proving that the Coach's decision wasn't made in vain.

After saying good bye to the students who must remain behind Noriko, Kazumi and the Coach all head off into space to meet the rest of the crew before entering space for the on-coming war. The series itself deals with the loves and loses of Noriko and the others and is also one of the only anime series to use the concept of time dilation.