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Manga Author(s)
Seishi Kishimoto
Serialized by:
Monthly Shonen Gangan

666 Satan (Manga)Edit

Traveling from one place to another, Ruby Crescent, once a normal girl, is seeking for O-Parts, magical items that grant supernatural powers to those who are able to wield them, to an O.P.T(O-Parts Tactician). On one of her travels, she meets an extraordinary boy, Jio Freed. Not only are his looks odd, but his true goal is odd as well, for Jio dreams of conquering the world. The first introduction to an O.P.T. is after a person calling himself Satan kidnaps Ruby. However, Jio shows that he himself is also an O.P.T. and defeats his enemy. Ruby and Jio eventually join forces, Jio as Ruby's body guard, to search for O-Parts. But is there more to this young mysterious boy than his eccentric looks? That is something she shall find out.